With RODRIS inventory portal, you can kiss your cumbersome spreadsheets goodbye. Track inventory levels across multiple sales channels, identify your best selling SKUs, blacklist old SKUs, receive low stock alerts, and more. RODRIS inventory system will give you complete visibility and control of your inventory.



The core of RODRIS software is the order management portal. It’s where the magic of managing your customer experience happens. Our out-of-the-box integrations sync and/or manual importing of data. Track the status of each order from the moment they are placed to the minute they land on your customer’s doorstep.



Our shipping management system doesn’t end with discounted shipping rates. Our partnerships with all the major carriers combined with the transparency of RODRIS software allow you to calculate real-time shipping rates, view a multitude of shipping reports on our dashboard, or export documents in PDF.



Our software is comparable to an iceberg where 90% of its mass is below the surface. Our entire operation is powered through our proprietary software, so we have full control over the features that benefit your business. What you can see is the ability to manage inventory across multiple warehouses, fulfill orders based on predefined assignment logics, request special projects, and much more.



Day after day we receive more and more clients that need to focus on sales and Marketing and need a real Partner for Logistics.

At RODRIS, we pride ourselves on being the most reliable and efficient order fulfillment and shipping solution for startups, SMBs, crowdfunding campaigns and subscription box companies. Our order fulfillment centers are supported by professional persons and warehouse management software, guaranteeing peace of mind for businesses of all sizes.

That same software are made by us, so can be costumized for all your needs, so whether you’re just getting started or shipping 100,000 orders each month, RODRIS will be able to integrate with your existing solutions to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Air Freight
Ocean Freight B2B
Road Freight

Pick & Pack

Besides taking advantage of an automated order fulfillment system to ensure efficient and accurate picking & packing, we have the bandwidth to fulfill 1 to 1,000 orders each day. We don’t believe in charging for unused services, so with RODRIS you’ll only pay for what you use. If you only ship 1 product that month, you’ll only pay a pick and pack fee for 1 product. It’s that simple.

Our extensive background and professional network within the shipping industry enable us to provide “Best in Class” service via the world’s most reliable carriers while offering superior rates. RODRIS receives heavily discounted shipping rates with every major carrier, and the best part is that we pass these discounts on to you and your customers. This gives you complete control over your shipping costs and peace of mind that your products will always be delivered on time.

We’ve strategically designed our storage and inventory system to assign products to a designated area. This optimizes storage locations and reduces costs for you. Unlike most fulfillment companies, we charge for storage daily, so you only pay for the days your products are stored in the warehouse. In addition, our entire warehouse is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system to ensure that your products are actively protected.


what people say about us


“If you’re looking for a company that literally goes above and beyond their requirements, day in and day out, you’ve come to he right place. This is the company every startup dreams to land.”

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Executive Chariman and Co.Founder of votwear

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